The following uses are permitted in the C-O Commercial Office Zone:
   (A)   Professional and business offices, including medical, dental, legal, engineering, architectural, insurance, real estate and other offices not engaged in selling goods or products;
   (B)   Laboratories, when incidental to medical, dental and similar uses;
   (C)   Accessory buildings and uses customarily incidental to any of the above uses when located on the same lot;
   (D)   Off-street parking;
   (E)   Signs, as permitted in article IX of this chapter;
   (F)   Home-finding agency;
   (G)   Children's day care facility serving no more than 15 children;
   (H)   Beauty shops and barber shops; and
   (I)   Adult motels.
(`64 Code, Sec. 34-68.1)  (Ord. No. 1036, 1126, 1149, 1629, 2313, 2529)