SEC. 16-97.  PARKING.
   (A)   Residential off-street parking shall be provided at a ratio of two spaces in tandem for each mobile home pad and shall be contiguous to each pad.  One space shall be covered.
   (B)   Additional parking spaces shall be provided at a ratio of one parking space to five mobile home spaces, and shall be located within centralized bays not more than 150 feet from the mobile homes served.  This condition may be modified by the commission to enhance the design of the park.
   (C)   Residential parking spaces shall be designed to assure that a parked vehicle will not encroach into the street or walkway area.  Where the parking access is from the front of the mobile home, the required parking area shall not project closer to the access street than the front of the mobile home.
   (D)   Parking shall be provided adjacent to common recreational facilities and the common administrative offices at a ratio of at least one space for each 15 mobile home lots contained in the park.
(`64 Code, Sec. 34-57.14)  (Ord. No. 1477, 1498, 2336)