(A)   The common open areas of each mobile home park shall be landscaped in accordance with a landscape plan approved by the director.
   (B)   The director shall approve a mobile home park landscape plan that meets the following criteria:
      (1)   All setbacks, buffer zones and open spaces shall be landscaped.  Trees, shrubs, vines and ground cover are required in landscaping in varying proportions and must harmonize.
      (2)   A permanent irrigation system comprised of bubblers, sprinklers and hose bibs shall be installed for all common open space and common recreation areas.
      (3)   Rock shall be utilized as ground cover only in a balanced landscaping design, and shall not predominate.
      (4)   Substantial numbers of specimen trees of not less than 15 gallon container size shall be planted throughout the park and in the common open areas.  Specimen trees shall also be required at least every 30 feet along any setback adjacent to public streets.
      (5)   Adjacent to public ways or other residential or commercial zones or uses, transitional screening shall be provided by landscaping the ten-foot wide buffer zones required by section 16-99.  Landscaping which will grow to not less than 20 feet in height shall be planted therein in order to screen the mobile homes from external land uses.
      (6)   All open areas except driveways, parking areas, walkways, utility areas, improved decks, patios and porches shall be landscaped and maintained adequately.
      (7)   At least one tree of 15 gallon stock, eight feet high shall be planted on each mobile home lot.
      (8)   Fence and landscaping material shall be limited in height at intersections of streets, driveways and pedestrian walkways to that deemed compatible with pedestrian and traffic safety as described in section 16-95.
      (9)   All landscaping required in this section shall be installed prior to occupancy and maintained properly by the park management or owners, or both, in accordance with the landscaping plan approved by the director.
(`64 Code, Sec. 34-57.11)  (Ord. No. 1477)