An application for special use permit to develop a mobile home park, supported by a detailed site plan, may be approved if the proposed development meets the following design criteria:
   (A)   Density - The maximum permitted density shall be 6½ mobile home lots per gross acre.
   (B)   Lot dimensions - Minimum lot widths and areas shall be as required to meet lot coverage and yard, mobile home spacing and other requirements as set forth in this division.  If these requirements are met, and the resulting lot pattern is functional and efficiently provides for utilities and for convenient pedestrian and vehicular access, lot lines shall not be required to be perpendicular to streets or radial to curves, and lot shapes may take any form.
   (C)   Lot location - Lots intended for placement of mobile homes shall be so located with respect to streets and driveways as to optimize the placement of such mobile homes for occupancy.  Considering size, required yards and manner of support, the lot shall be suitable for the type of mobile home unit proposed.
   (D)   Yards and open spaces - Yards and other open spaces required by this division shall be designed to perform a variety of functions including assuring adequate privacy, usable outdoor living space, desirable views, natural light and ventilation, access to and around the units, off-street parking space and spacing between mobile homes and other buildings to reduce potential adverse effects of noise, odor, glare and fire hazards.
   (E)   Data required - Upon the request of the director of community development, the developer shall furnish data to show that storm waters and other drainage can adequately be carried on the proposed mobile home park streets.
(`64 Code, Sec. 34-57.6)  (Ord. No. 1477)