SEC. 16-32.  SIDE YARD.
   (A)   On interior lots there shall be a side yard on each side of a building of not less than 10% of the width of the lot; provided that such side yard shall not be less than three feet and need not exceed five feet in width.
   (B)   On corner lots the side yard regulation shall be the same as for the interior lots except in the case of a reversed corner lot.  In the case of a reversed corner lot, there shall be a side yard on the street side of the corner lot of not less than 50% of the front yard required on the lots in the rear of such corner lot, and no accessory building on the corner lot shall project beyond the front yard line on the lots in the rear; provided further that this regulation shall not be so interpreted as to reduce the buildable width (after providing the required interior side yard) of a reversed corner lot of record on March 29, 1945, to less than 28 feet, nor to prohibit the erection of an accessory building where this regulation cannot reasonably be complied with.
(`64 Code, Sec. 34-41)  (Ord. No. 893, 1019)