For the purposes of this division, the following words shall have the following meanings:
   (A)   BRIDGE - A bridge referred to in the transportation or flood control provisions of the general plan of the city which identify railways, freeways, streams, or canyons for which bridge crossings are required.
   (B)   CIRCULATION ELEMENT OR TRANSPORTATION OF FLOOD CONTROL PROVISIONS - The circulation element of the general plan of the city and the transportation and flood control provision thereof, heretofore adopted by the city pursuant to Cal. Gov't Code, Chapter 3 of Title 7, together with any additions or amendments thereto hereafter adopted.
   (C)   CONSTRUCTION - Design, acquisition of right-of-way, administration of construction contracts, actual construction, and associated activities.
   (D)   MAJOR THOROUGHFARE - A roadway as shown on the circulation element of the general plan whose primary purpose is to carry through traffic and provide a network connecting to the State highway system.
(`64 Code, Sec. 27-89.71)  (Ord. No. 2387)