Conditions imposed on a tentative parcel map requiring improvements shall be limited to the dedication of rights-of-way, easements, and the construction of reasonable off-site and on-site improvements for the parcels being created.  Requirements for the construction of such off-site and on-site improvements shall be noticed by certificate on the parcel map, on the instrument evidencing the waiver of such parcel map, or by separate instrument, and recorded in the manner provided in Cal. Gov't Code, Section 66411.1.  The fulfillment of such construction requirements shall not be required until such time as a permit or other grant of approval for development of the parcel is issued, or until such time as the construction of such improvements is required pursuant to an agreement; except that in the absence of such an agreement the city council may require fulfillment of such construction requirements within a reasonable time following approval of the parcel map and prior to the issuance of such permit or other grant of approval upon a finding either that such fulfillment is necessary for reasons of the public health and safety, or that the required construction is a necessary prerequisite to the orderly development of the surrounding area.
(`64 Code, Sec. 27-34)  (Ord. No. 1570, 1684, 2367, 2445)