(A)   An application for a tentative subdivision map shall be accompanied by the completed check list of all information required and written reports and statements giving essential information relating to the:
      (1)   Development plan, including phasing of development and proposed final map units;
      (2)   Type of streets, curbs, gutters, sidewalks, cross gutters, improvements and utilities proposed to be installed;
      (3)   Proposed methods of sewage disposal;
      (4)   Proposed storm drain facilities, with special emphasis on dead-end streets;
      (5)   Protective covenants to be recorded, if any;
      (6)   Proposed tree planting and street lighting; and
      (7)   Removal of obstacles detrimental to the completion of the improvements of the subdivision, including underground drainage and irrigation facilities.
   (B)   If an environmental impact report is required by the proposed land division, any necessary environmental data shall be submitted at the time of filing an application for a tentative subdivision map or within the time thereafter specified by the director.
(`64 Code, Sec. 27-27)  (Ord. No. 1570)