Each tentative parcel map may, and each parcel map shall, be prepared by or under the direction of a registered civil engineer or licensed land surveyor; a tentative parcel map or parcel map shall show the location of streets and property lines bounding the property, and shall conform to all of the following requirements:
   (A)   A tentative parcel map or parcel map shall be legibly drawn, printed or reproduced by a process guaranteeing a permanent record in black on tracing cloth or polyester base film.  Certificates may be legibly stamped or printed upon the map with opaque ink.  If ink is used on polyester base film, the ink surface shall be coated with a suitable substance to assure permanent legibility.  The tentative parcel or parcel map may be compiled from final map data, recorded parcel map data if based upon a field survey, records of survey, and upon field surveys if the survey, recording or filing of the source material is not more than 15 years old.
   (B)   Each tentative parcel map shall contain the following information:
      (1)   The boundary lines of the entire parcel including the area to be divided with dimensions, based on existing survey data or property descriptions.  A legal description of the total parcel shall be attached to the map.
      (2)   The proposed division lines with dimensions and area of each parcel in square feet;
      (3)   Identification of each parcel with letter or number designation in consecutive order;
      (4)   All existing buildings and structures located on the land to be divided, together with their major exterior dimensions and distance from the buildings and structures to the boundary lines of the parcels which are to be created by the proposed land division;
      (5)   The location of existing wells, septic tanks, leaching fields, sewer lines, water lines, underground irrigation and drainage lines, culverts or other underground structures within each parcel and immediately adjacent thereto, with sizes and grades indicated;
      (6)   The location and names of all abutting streets, alleys, easements and the closest intersection as well as property lines bounding the property;
      (7)   The location of all existing curb cuts or points of ingress and egress on each parcel within the parcel map;
      (8)   The location and width of any streets, alleys, easements or curb cuts proposed by the developer;
      (9)   The location of proposed sanitary sewers, storm water drain, water lines, underground utilities and other public utilities;
      (10)   Sufficient elevation and contours to determine the general slope of the land and the high and low points thereof;
      (11)   Approximate location of all areas subject to inundation or storm water overflow and the location, width and directions of flow of all water courses;
      (12)   Existing use or uses of the property and proposed use of property; if property is proposed to be used for more than one purpose, the area, lot or lots proposed for each type of use;
      (13)   Statement of the improvements and public utilities proposed to be made or installed and of the time at which the improvements are proposed to be completed;
      (14)   Tree planting proposal and location, including a landscape plan and provision for maintenance when required by the city;
      (15)   Approximate location of each area covered by brush or trees with a statement of the nature of such cover, and the kind and approximate location of all trees standing within the proposed rights-of-way;
      (16)   The names, addresses and telephone numbers of the property owners, the person filing the map, and the registered civil engineer or licensed land surveyor who prepared the tentative parcel map;
      (17)   Source of data from which the tentative parcel map was drawn;
      (18)   A vicinity map not to exceed four inches by four inches on the upper right-hand corner;
      (19)   Any additional information necessitated by the character of the particular development to facilitate consideration by the commission and the city council; and
      (20)   Width and locations of all recorded easements and rights-of-way.
   (C)   Each tentative parcel map and parcel map shall meet the following requirements.
      (1)   The size of each sheet shall be 18 by 26 inches.  A marginal line shall be drawn completely around each sheet, leaving an entirely blank margin of one inch.  The scale of the tentative parcel map and parcel map shall be large enough to show all details clearly and enough sheets shall be used to accomplish this end.  The particular number of the sheet and the total number of sheets comprising the tentative parcel map and parcel map shall be stated on each of the sheets, and its relation to each adjoining sheet shall be clearly shown.
      (2)   Each parcel shall be numbered or otherwise designated.  The subdivision number shall be shown together with the description of the real property being subdivided.
      (3)   The exterior boundary of the land included within the development shall be indicated by distinctive symbols and clearly so designated.
      (4)   The tentative parcel map and parcel map shall show the location of each parcel and its relation to surrounding surveys.  The location of any remainder of the original parcel shall be shown, but need not be shown as a matter of survey but only by reference to the existing record boundaries of such remainder if such remainder has a gross area of five acres or more.
      (5)   Subject to the provisions of Cal. Gov't Code, Section 66436, a certificate, signed and acknowledged by all parties having any record title interest in the real property subdivided, consenting to the preparation and recordation of the parcel map is required.
   (D)   If any information required by this section may not be shown practically on a parcel map, that information shall be contained in a written owner's statement which shall be attached to and accompany the map.
(`64 Code, Sec. 27-17)  (Ord. No. 1570)