(A)   A development plan shall conform to the city's general plan and the elements thereof.  In the absence of a specific circulation plan, the street system proposed by a development plan shall relate to the existing streets in the area adjoining the proposed subdivision.
   (B)   A report as to conformity to the city's general plan, which is required pursuant to Cal. Gov't Code, Section 6502 as the result of a proposed division of land, may be included as part of and at the same time as the action taken by the commission on the division of land.
   (C)   The report is not required for a proposed land division which involves:
      (1)   The disposition of the remainder of a larger parcel which was acquired and used in part for street purposes;
      (2)   An acquisition, disposition or abandonment for street widening; or
      (3)   An alignment project, provided that the commission expressly finds that the disposition for street purposes, acquisition, disposition or abandonment for street widening, or an alignment project is of a minor nature.
(`64 Code, Sec. 27-3)  (Ord. No. 1570)