(A)   Taxicab driver permits and taxicab operator permits shall continue in effect for the remainder of the fiscal year in which they are issued, unless revoked or modified as provided in section 11-271; provided, however, that taxicab driver permits shall automatically become void on termination of employment or self-employment as a taxicab driver. A taxicab driver permit or taxicab operator permit issued in the last quarter of a fiscal year shall continue in effect for the remainder of the fiscal year in which it is issued, and for the next fiscal year, subject to the foregoing provisions regarding revocation, modification, and automatically becoming void.
   (B)   Permittees shall submit to the license collector applications to renew taxicab driver permits and operator's permits for following fiscal years, together with fees for the renewal and any changes in the information provided in the initial application or a previous renewal application; evidence that required insurance will be in effect for the new fiscal year; and a new certificate of vehicle inspection for each taxicab. In addition, an applicant for renewal of a taxicab driver permit shall submit proof of a negative test for controlled substances and alcohol as required by the city's controlled substance and alcohol testing program, have a new photograph taken by the police chief, and provide a document issued by the Department of Motor Vehicles, dated no more than ten days before the application is submitted, showing that the applicant holds a valid, current California driver's license.
   (C)   The license collector shall refer to the police chief completed applications for renewal of taxicab driver permits and taxicab operator permits. The police chief and the license collector shall process, grant, and deny the applications for renewal as provided in sections 11-265 and 11-266. An applicant for renewal whose application is denied may request a hearing as provided in section 11-267. Conditions on renewal permits shall be as provided in sections 11-268 and 11-269.
   (D)   Applications for renewal of taxicab permits and taxicab operator permits should be submitted by June 15 of each year to allow sufficient time for processing before the current permit expires on June 30.
(`64 Code, Sec. 30-11) (Ord. No. 2468, 2954)