Every person or entity issued a taxicab operator permit shall:
   (A)   Display on the exterior of each taxicab the name or trademark of the person under whose authority the taxicab is being operated or the name of the lessor or lessee thereof;
   (B)   Display in the interior of each taxicab the sign required by Cal. Vehicle Code, Section 27908;
   (C)   Display the schedule of rates and charges in a conspicuous place in each taxicab. visible to all passengers, together with the name, business address, and telephone number of the taxicab operator;
   (D)   Calculate taxicab fares on an accurate meter approved and inspected by the county weights and measures officer;
   (E)   Collect from taxicab passengers only the amounts displayed on the schedule of rates and charges, plus any tip that the passenger offers;
   (F)   Obtain for each taxicab and keep in force during the term of the permit, public liability and bodily injury insurance, issued by a California admitted insurance carrier or an insurance carrier with an A.M. Best rating of A-VII or better. The insurance policy shall be endorsed to state that coverage may not be suspended, voided, canceled, or reduced in coverage or limits without 15 days' prior written notice to the license collector. The insurance policy shall insure the operator and shall name the city as an additional insured of such taxicab against loss by reason of injury or damage that may result to persons or property from the negligent operation or defective construction of such taxicab, or from violation of this article or of any other law of the state or the United States. The insurance policy shall be in the sum of not less than $500,000 combined single limit for personal injury and property damage for each taxicab in any one accident. The risk manager may authorize the license collector to accept insurance that does not meet the foregoing criteria or require insurance that exceeds the foregoing criteria if the risk manager determines that such insurance will provide adequate protection, based on, but not limited to, factors such as whether the applicant belongs to a risk retention group satisfactory to the risk manager; whether the applicant's operating risks are less than or more than standard risks; and whether the required insurance is reasonably available to a qualified applicant;
   (G)   Obtain and keep in force during the term of the permit, workers' compensation insurance covering all employees of the permittee;
   (H)   Maintain each taxicab in good repair and in a clean and sanitary condition;
   (I)   Notify the license collector immediately when any vehicle not described in the application for the permit is placed in service as a taxicab and submit the information about the vehicle and the certificate of inspection required by the application form;
   (J)   Notify the license collector immediately on termination of a taxicab driver's employment;
   (K)   Require that each taxicab driver have a valid California driver's license and a valid city taxicab driver permit;
   (L)   Comply with any other reasonable conditions imposed by the license collector or the police chief;
   (M)   A taxicab operator shall participate in the pull-notice program pursuant to Cal. Vehicle Code, Section 1808.1 to regularly check the driving records of all taxicab drivers;
   (N)   A taxicab operator shall maintain a safety education and training program in effect for all taxicab drivers, whether employees or independent contractors; and
   (O)   A taxicab operator shall maintain a disabled access education and training program to instruct its taxicab drivers on compliance with the federal Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, and amendments thereto, and state disability rights laws, including making clear that it is illegal to decline to serve a person with a disability or who has a service animal.
(`64 Code, Sec. 30-9) (Ord. No. 2468, 2628, 2954)