The location and facilities of every arcade shall meet the following standards:
   (A)   Parking and storage - Accessible and adequate off-street parking facilities for motor vehicles, bicycles, skate boards and other means of personal transportation, and storage facilities to prevent an accumulation of bicycles and skate boards on any public right-of-way.
   (B)   Location of arcade - Located beyond 500 feet of the boundary of any real property parcel on which a public or private elementary school, junior high school, or senior high school is located.
   (C)   Floor space - A minimum floor space of 750 square feet, with at least 25 additional square feet for each amusement device in excess of five.
   (D)   Location of amusement devices -
      (1)   The amusement devices shall be located no closer than 12 inches from any wall assembly separating the arcade from any adjacent portion of the building. When the amusement devices are located along only one side of an aisle, the aisle shall be a minimum of 66 inches in width and shall be unobstructed.
      (2)   When the amusement devices are located on both sides of the aisle, the aisle shall not be less than 90 inches in width and shall be unobstructed. No amusement device shall be located closer than 24 inches from any other amusement device.
   (E)   Toilets - At least two toilet and lavatory facilities accessible to the customers, employees and business invitees.
   (F)   Visibility - All portions of the interior of a primary arcade, except the restrooms, shall be plainly visible from the outside of the building through unobstructed windows and glass doors.
   (G)   Lighting - All entrances and interior areas shall provide at a minimum lighting in accordance with the city building code.
   (H)   Noise - Separation from any adjacent occupied unit by a wall assembly, extending from the floor to roof, having an airborne sound transmission class of 56, as set out in Standard 35-1 of the Uniform Building Code Standards so that the intrusion sound level in adjacent areas does not exceed 40 db.
   (I)   Bicycle racks - Bicycle racks located within 25 feet of the arcade, with at least one bicycle stall for each amusement device, up to a maximum of 30 stalls, and not located on any required landscape areas, common walkways to the building, common driveways, required parking space, public way, or in such a fashion as to obstruct any entrance or exit to any premises. Bicycle racks shall be of a type that allows bicycles to be locked thereto.
   (J)   Permitted zones - Located only in C-1 or C-2 Zones.
(`64 Code, Sec. 12-6.3) (Ord. No. 2386)