(A)   The city manager shall schedule the cost report for hearing by the city council at a city council meeting.  At least ten days before the date of the hearing, the city manager shall mail notice to the property owner of the place, date and time of the hearing.  At least three days before the date of the hearing, the city manager shall post the cost report near the city council chambers in a location open to the public.
   (B)   At the hearing the property owner may object to the calculation of the cost of any item in the cost report.
   (C)   The city council may uphold the cost report, modify the cost report, or reject the cost report.
   (D)   If the city council upholds the cost report or modifies the cost report, the city council shall adopt a resolution making the cost of the abatement determined in the cost report a lien against the property on which the grandfathered establishment is located and requesting the county auditor to the enter the assessment on the county tax roll and collect the amount of the assessment at the time and in the manner of ordinary municipal taxes.
   (E)   The city manager shall send a copy of the resolution to the property owner by certified mail, together with a notice specifying that the property may be sold after three years by the tax collector for unpaid delinquent assessments.
   (F)   The city manager shall file a certified copy of the resolution with the county auditor.
(Ord. No. 2572)