The notice shall be in substantially the following form:
Please be advised that on                                           , 20          , (brief description of nuisances) was caused or allowed by (name of grandfathered establishment selling alcoholic beverages), at property you own, located at           (address)                .  The aforementioned establishment sells alcoholic beverages and is subject to Article XIII of Chapter 7 of the Oxnard City Code, which provides that such activity constitutes a nuisance that must be abated.  If you do not abate the nuisance by taking measures to ensure that the activity (or another activity declared by section 7-242 of the Oxnard City Code to constitute a nuisance) does not recur at or in the vicinity of the establishment, and such activity or such another activity does recur or occur, the City of Oxnard may abate the nuisance, after notice and hearing.
In order to abate the nuisance, the city may impose fines, place conditions on the operation of the establishment, or require that the establishment cease selling alcoholic beverages.  The city's costs of abatement will be assessed on the above-described property and constitute a special assessment on the property until paid.
If you object to the requirement to abate imposed by this notice, you may, no later than ten days after the date this notice was mailed to you, file with the city clerk a written request for a hearing before a hearing officer, stating the grounds on which you assert that the activity does not constitute a nuisance.  The request for hearing must be accompanied by a hearing fee in the amount of $500.00.
This notice will become final if such a request for hearing is not timely filed, accompanied by the hearing fee.  After the notice has become final, the notice is evidence that the activity constituting the nuisance occurred, and the owner of the above-described property may not question or attack such evidence in any abatement proceeding regarding the establishment.
Dated:                               , 2              .
(Ord. No. 2572)