The following activities are prohibited in connection with the docking of a vessel adjacent to a developed lot in the inland waterway:
   (A)   Performing major alterations, repairs or maintenance on a vessel, or its engines, or equipment;
   (B)   Creating excessive noise, whether by operation of a vessel's engines or from any other activity on or close to the vessel or lot;
   (C)   Storing engine parts, equipment, material, or any other paraphernalia, on the dock;
   (D)   Creating a nuisance or causing any of the following to occur in an offensive or objectionable manner and to a greater extent than is customary in a residential area:
      (1)   Noise;
      (2)   Lights;
      (3)   Vibrations;
      (4)   Smoke;
      (5)   Odor;
      (6)   Glare;
      (7)   Dust or dirt;
      (8)   Electrical interference; or
      (9)   Television or radio interference.
(`64 Code, Sec. 18.1-25)  (Ord. No. 2484)