No person in command of a vessel upon the inland waterway shall operate the vessel, or permit its operation or moorage:
   (A)   At a speed greater than five nautical miles an hour;
   (B)   At a speed which results in a wake which causes damage to or is unsafe to persons, vessels underway, moored vessels, docks, or other property, public or private;
   (C)   In a manner that obstructs or endangers moorage or navigation;
   (D)   Near the sea wall bulkheads in such a manner as the vessel's propeller wash causes damage to the bulkhead;
   (E)   With the stern of a motorized vessel moored towards the sea wall bulkhead; or
   (F)   With any portion of the vessel extending into the public right-of-way or an adjacent private easement without the written permission of the owner of such adjacent private easement.
(`64 Code, Sec. 18.1-8)  (Ord. No. 2484)