For the purpose of this article, the following words shall have the following meanings:
   (A)   BUILDING CODE VIOLATION - Any violation of a code adopted by the city as set forth in Chapter 14 of this City Code.
   (B)   CODE VIOLATION - Any violation of the code or other ordinance.
   (C)   CITY MANAGER - The city manager or designee.
   (D)   CIVIL CITATION - A notice issued by an enforcement officer pursuant to this chapter that there has been a violation of the code.
   (E)   ENFORCEMENT OFFICER - An individual designated by the city manager to enforce the provisions of this chapter.
   (F)   HEARING OFFICER - The individual designated by the city manager to serve as the hearing officer for administrative hearings.
   (G)   ISSUANCE DATE - The day a civil citation is personally served on a responsible person, is mailed to a responsible person, or is posted on real property where a property related violation occurs.
   (H)   ISSUED - The giving, mailing, or posting of a civil citation.
   (I)   NOTICE OF DECISION - A notice that informs a responsible person of a decision made regarding provisions of this chapter.
   (J)   RESPONSIBLE PERSON - Any of the following:
      (1)   An individual causing or committing a code violation;
      (2)   An individual, by his/her action or failure to act, maintains or allows a code violation to continue;
      (3)   An individual whose agent, employee, or independent contractor causes or commits a code violation by his/her action or failure to act;
      (4)   An owner of or a lessee or sublessee with the current right of possession of real property on which a code violation occurs;
      (5)   An on-site manager of a business customarily working daily at the site when the business is open and responsible for the activities at such business; and
      (6)   A natural person or legal entity, and the owners, majority stockholders, corporate officers, trustees, and general partners of a legal entity.
(`64 Code, Sec. 21-2)  (Ord. No. 2488, 2764)