The enforcement officer shall examine or cause to be examined every building or structure or portion thereof reported as dangerous or damaged and, if such is found to be an "unsafe building" as defined in this chapter, the enforcement officer shall give to the owner of such building or structure written notice stating the defects thereof. This notice may require the owner or person in charge of the building or premises, within forty eight (48) hours or such reasonable time as the circumstances require, to commence either the required repairs or improvements or demolition and removal of the building or structure or portions thereof, and all such work shall be completed within ninety (90) days from date of notice, unless otherwise stipulated by the enforcement officer. If necessary, such notice shall also require the building, structure, or portion thereof to be vacated forthwith and not reoccupied until the required repairs and improvements are completed, inspected, and approved by the enforcement officer.
   A.   Notice Served: Such notice shall be served by sending by certified mail to the owner of record, according to Iowa Code section 364.12(3)(h), if the owner is found within the city limits. If the owner is not found within the city limits, such service may be made upon the owner by registered mail or certified mail. The designated period within which said owner or person in charge is required to comply with the order of the enforcement officer shall begin as of the date the owner receives such notice.
   B.   Hearing: Such notice shall also advise the owner that he or she may request a hearing before the council on the notice by filing a written request for hearing within the time provided in the notice. (Ord. 2014-04, 7-8-2014)