A.   Permit Required; Suspension Of Requirement: Bonfires and outdoor rubbish fires are prohibited within the city limits without a permit to kindle or maintain such fire. The city council may suspend the requirements of this subsection by resolution, outlining the dates and hours that bonfires and outdoor rubbish fires are allowed.
   B.   Application For Permit: Any person may apply to the city council for a permit to allow the person to kindle or maintain a bonfire or outdoor rubbish fire within the city limits. Any such application for a permit should be accompanied by such plans as to allow the council to make an informed decision regarding the permit.
   C.   Conditions Of Permit: A permit issued by the city council shall allow the person to kindle or maintain a bonfire or outdoor rubbish fire as designated in the permit. Such a permit may not be construed as permission to violate any law or ordinance, nor shall such a permit take the place of any other license or permit required by law.
   D.   Term Of Permit; Nontransferable: A permit issued by the council shall remain in effect until revoked or until the expiration date of the permit, as designated therein. The permit is nontransferable in any manner, and any deviation from the specifications designated in the permit shall require a new permit.
   E.   Compliance With Permit And Laws: All permittees, and agents and employees of permittees, shall carry out the proposed activities in compliance with the permit and all other laws and ordinances.
   F.   Display Of Permit: Permits shall at all times be kept on the premises of the bonfire or outdoor rubbish fire, and shall at all times be subject to inspection by any authorized person.
   G.   Suspension Or Revocation Of Permit; Hearing: Any permit issued may be suspended or revoked when it is determined after a hearing by the city council that:
      1.   It is used by a person other than the original permittee.
      2.   It is used for a location different than the location allowed for in the permit.
      3.   Any condition of the permit has been violated.
      4.   The permittee does not comply with any order or notice served upon him.
      5.   There has been a false statement or misrepresentation as to material facts in the application or plans on which the permit was based. (Ord. 1988-83, 12-14-1988)