§ 112.05  CONDITIONS.
   Self-service motor fuel stations, as permitted by this chapter, shall, in addition to complying with all state statutes and rules and regulations of the Bureau of the State Fire Marshal, comply with the following conditions.
   (A)   Entire motor fuel stations shall be self-service, unless otherwise explicitly permitted in writing by the Town Fire Marshal.
   (B)   Stations having both self-service and full-service pumps shall have separate attendants for self-service and full-service pumps.
   (C)   An attendant shall be provided with a console enabling full control of dispensing at pumps at all times.
   (D)   The attendant shall be in constant supervision at the console at all times when electrical power is turned on at the pumps as well as when motor fuel is being dispensed.
   (E)   Video monitoring equipment enabling the attendant to observe all motor fuel transactions and a “no hands,” full time intercom system shall be installed even if there is only one island.
   (F)   An UL-approved automatic overhead fire suppression system shall be installed over all pumps.
   (G)   Upon discharge, the fire suppression system shall automatically shut off electric power to the pumps and sound an audible alarm, with power to the pumps remaining off until the system has been recharged.
   (H)   A non-electrical manual control for discharge of the fire suppression system shall be provided at each attendant’s console.
   (I)   A telephone having no extensions shall be available to the attendant at the console to call the Fire Department. An automatic recorded message dialer with line command feature, actuated automatically by discharge of the fire suppression system is preferred.
   (J)   All self-service pumps are to have automatic shut-off, non-latching nozzles.
(Ord. passed 2-26-1979; Ord. passed 12-19-1989; Ord. passed 1-18-1990)  Penalty, see § 112.99