(a)   Every Taxicab shall be kept in a safe and sanitary operating condition, and shall at all times have all safety equipment required of Taxicabs by law.
   (b)   All lost items found in the Taxicab must be turned into the Oxford Police Division.
   (c)   All Taxicab accidents or patron incidents shall be reported to the Oxford Police Department within seven (7) days after the accident or incident occurs.
   (d)   Ridesharing is permitted with the approval of the patrons in the vehicle.
   (e)   Receipts are not required, but must be provided when requested.
   (f)   The Taxicab Licensing Official or an Oxford Police Department official shall have the authority to inspect any Taxicab upon a patron complaint or a City official is concerned about the safety and/or roadworthiness of the Vehicle or Operator.
(Ord. 3360.  Passed 8-2-16.)