County Court
   EDITOR'S NOTE: Prosecutions for violations of Oxford City Ordinances are referred to Butler County Court under Ohio R.C. 1907.031, which court exercises concurrent jurisdiction with the Mayor to hear such cases.
   Ohio R.C. 2945.17 provides that an accused has a right to be tried by a jury at any trial in any court for the violation of any Ohio statute or of any Oxford ordinance, except in cases in which the penalty involved does not exceed a fine of one hundred dollars ($100.00).
   The adoption of "Rules of Practice and Procedure in Traffic Cases for all Courts Inferior to Common Pleas", which was promulgated by the Supreme Court of Ohio on December 4, 1967, and amended on January 4, 1971, and December 7, 1972, is mandatory for use in the Butler County Court.
      County Court - see Ohio R.C. Ch. 1907
      Notification to Director of liquor law convictions - see Ohio R.C. 4301.991
      Record of traffic convictions - see Ohio R.C. 4513.37