741.04 AUDIT.
   (a)   The City of Oxford may conduct, not more than once per year, an audit for the purpose of verifying the accuracy of a Video Service Provider's calculation of the Video Service Provider fees it paid to the municipal corporation in the audit period.  For the purpose of the audit, the Video Service Provider shall make available for inspection, at the location where such records are kept in the normal course of business, those records pertaining to its gross revenue as defined in Section 741.03(c)(1) of the Oxford Code of Ordinances.
   (b)    A Video Service Provider shall pay any amounts found to have been underpaid in the audit within thirty (30) days after notice and shall include interest on the underpayments as provided in Section 1343.03 of the Ohio Revised Code.
(Ord. 2976.  Passed 10-2-07.)