(a)    The Housing Advisory Commission shall be composed of at least seven and up to nine members appointed by Council. All members shall have, to the greatest extent practical, interest and proficiency in housing issues.
            (1)    Two members shall be City Council members. At least one member shall be a member of the Planning Commission. That member may be one of the two City Council members.
            (2)    At least two members shall be moderate to low income persons.
            (3)    At least five members shall reside in Oxford or Oxford Township. These members shall be voting members.
            (4)    Any members not residing in Oxford or Oxford Township shall be ex-officio, non-voting members.
            (5)    Members may be chosen from the following:
                  A.    A member of a housing advocacy group;
         B.    A member of a minority organization;
                  C.    A banker or member of an institution that lends money for housing;
                  D.    A builder, developer or property manager of non-profit housing;
                  E.    A builder, developer or property manager of for-profit housing;
                  F.    An architect;
                  G.    A member of a social welfare organization; and
                  H.    Other groups or individuals that are necessary to provide balanced advice.
            (6)    The City Manager shall serve as an ex-officio member of the Commission.
            (7)    The City Manager shall appoint administrative staff as a liaison to the Commission. The function will be to support and assist the Commission to the extent resources allow.
     (b)   Upon passage of this chapter, appointments, with the exception of Council and Planning Commission members, shall initially be staggered as to length of term with two members for two years, two members for three years, and three members for four years.
   All Commission members shall thereafter serve for a term of four years without compensation. Council members shall serve per the rules of Council.
(Ord. 3580. Passed 8-18-20.)