137.02 DUTIES.
   (a)   Take an active role in the administration and updating of a Comprehensive Housing Plan following each decennial census and every five years thereafter.
   (b)    Make recommendations to Council for the disbursement of the Affordable Housing Funds and other funds designed for moderate to low cost housing and development.
   (c)    Work with organization(s) to seek funds for the development, refurbishing, weatherization, and maintenance of moderate and lower cost housing and rentals.
            (1)    Funds may be sought from State, Federal and other sources.
            (2)    Funds should be available to provide rental assistance, payment assistance, home improvements, development infrastructure, tax credits and other assistance with affordable housing.
      (d)    To work with or assist organizations such as Habitat for Humanity, People United for Self-Help, Family Resource Center and other organizations whose missions are to assist families with finding, owning or maintaining adequate housing.
   (e)    To arrange education programs and financial counseling for families who want to rent or purchases moderate to low cost housing.
            (1)    This may be provided by community resources that provide financial planning.
            (2)    Resources may also provide low interest loans to home buyers.
            (3)    Establish guidelines for families to qualify for moderate to low cost housing assistance and aid in the development of a procedure for families to receive assistance.
            (4)    Investigate and make recommendations to Council regarding existing planning and development policies and ordinances that pose possible impediments to moderate to low cost housing opportunities.
            (5)    Investigate the need or value of identifying or establishing a non-governmental entity to assist in implementing the policies stated in this chapter.
   (f)   The Commission shall report to Council annually each January the status of housing issues in the City of Oxford.
(Ord. 3580. Passed 8-18-20.)