137.01 PURPOSE.
   (a)   The purpose of the Housing Advisory Commission shall be to foster an environment, through education, research and advocacy, in which all people desiring residency in Oxford will have an opportunity to own or rent a home; further:
      (1)    To promote safe and decent shelter for anyone desiring to live in Oxford.
      (2)    To encourage and promote the development and maintenance of moderate to low income housing that will provide affordable home ownership and rentals in the Oxford community.
      (3)    To promote a variation of housing density within neighborhoods to dissolve the negative stigma associated with isolated affordable housing.
      (4)    To assist people in buying first time homes as well as provide education to homebuyers and the community about the need for moderate to low income housing.
      (5)    To make recommendations to Council that are thoroughly investigated and supported through appropriate documentation.
         (Ord. 3580. Passed 8-18-20.)