(a)   The Environmental Commission shall be composed of seven members appointed by Council from among City of Oxford residents. All members shall have, to the greatest extent practical, interest and proficiency in environmental issues. One member shall be a City Council member and one member shall be a Planning Commission member. Two members shall be City of Oxford residents. Three members shall have educational and/or professional experience in the environmental field.   
   (b)   The City Manager shall serve as an ex-officio member of the Commission.
   (c)   The Planning Commission member shall be appointed by the Planning Commission. and confirmed by Council.
   (d)   Members of the Commission shall be appointed by a majority of Council.
   (e)   Appointment for Commission members first taking office shall be as follows:
      (1)   Council and Planning Commission members until November 30 of the current year.
      (2)   Two members for two years.   
      (3)   Two members for three years.
      (4)   One member for four years.
   After the initial appointments, all Commission members except for the Council member and the Planning Commission member shall serve for a period of four years and without compensation. No member shall serve more than eight consecutive years. The Council member and the Planning Commission member shall be appointed for a one year term beginning December 1, and ending November 30, the following year.
   (f)   The City Manager shall appoint an administrative staff person as administrative liaison to the Environmental Commission. The function of the staff member is to support and assist the Commission to the extent resources allow.
(Ord. 3172. Passed 4-17-12.)