(a)   There is hereby created an Environmental Commission composed of seven Oxford residents appointed as set forth in this chapter.
   (b)    The purposes of the Environmental Commission shall be:
      (1)   To promote and foster an awareness of environmental issues in the community.
      (2)   To investigate, promote and insure the consideration of environmental quality in the development of City policies, goals and programs.
      (3)   To promote the protection and enhancement of environmental quality through community programs.
      (4)   To promote the dissemination of environmental information to the community.
      (5)   To advise, report and recommend to Council concerning any and all matters referred by Council for such advice, report and recommendation.
   (c)   The Commission shall also address the following four environmental issues:
      (1)   Tree management including the following topics:
         A.   Maintenance of trees.   
         B.   Removal of hazardous trees.
      (2)   Solid waste management including the following topics:
         A.   Refuse collection program.
         B.   Recycling program.
         C.   Yard waste disposal program.
         D.   Litter control program.
         E.   Water and wastewater treatment by-product disposal.
         F.   Household hazardous waste disposal.
      (3)   Water resource management including the following topics:
         A.   Protection and conservation of the City's water supply.
         B.   Wellhead protection program.
         C.   Stormwater control program.   
         D.   Wastewater treatment and disposal.
      (4)   Open space management including the following topics:
         A.   Green belt program.
         B.   Wooded area reserves.
         C.   Park areas.
         D.   City beautification programs.   
   (d)   The Commission shall also:
      (1)   Review the City's comprehensive plan and recommend to the Planning Commission standards for protection of the environmental quality of the City.
      (2)   Develop a tree management program which should include the establishment of performance objectives, definition of service to be delivered, funding mechanism to support the program, and administrative policy and procedure for implementing the program.
         (Ord. 3172. Passed 4-17-12.)