(a)   No railroad company shall obstruct, or permit or cause to be obstructed, a public street, road, or highway, by permitting any part of a train whose crew has abandoned the locomotive to remain across it for longer than five minutes to the hindrance or inconvenience of travelers or a person passing along or upon the street, road, or highway, unless the safety of the train crew requires them to abandon the locomotive.
   (b)   Upon the filing of an affidavit or complaint for violation of this section, summons shall be issued to the railroad company pursuant to Ohio R.C. 2935.10(B), which summons shall be served on the regular ticket or freight agent of the company in the county where the offense occurred.
(ORC 5589.211)
   (c)   Whoever violates this section is guilty of a misdemeanor of the first degree and shall be fined five thousand dollars ($5,000).
(ORC 5589.99)