7-1-8: APPEAL:
   A.    Right Of Appeal: Any determination or ruling by the building official, his agents or assigns may be subject to appeal by an aggrieved party.
   B.    Notice: Notice of such appeal shall be given to the building official within fifteen (15) days of the decision, determination, or ruling that is the subject of said appeal. The building official shall create a form for notice of appeal.
   C.    Hearing By Planning And Zoning Board: Any said appeal shall be heard first by the county planning and zoning board under the hearing procedure rules set forth by that board.
   D.    Appeal From Decision Of Planning And Zoning Board: A determination by the planning and zoning board on a matter arising from the rules or law of this chapter may be appealed to the board of county commissioners in the same manner. (Ord. 2015-01, 2-9-2015)