A.    Fee Schedule Established: Fees to enforce this chapter shall be established by resolution of the board of county commissioners (board). The board shall establish a permit fee schedule, which schedule shall reflect the fees which are to be charged by the official responsible for charging those fees. The fee schedule shall be kept on file in the office of the county clerk and in the office of the building inspector or building official and shall be made available to the public upon request. Said fee schedule shall be reviewed regularly as required by law. The building official, the building inspector or a designee shall charge permit fees in accordance with the schedule created by a resolution of the board.
   B.    Agricultural Buildings: A fee may be imposed for an agricultural building to ensure that any said building is in compliance with setback and easement restrictions. The fee for any such agricultural building shall be equivalent to the minimum fee established for building permits and adopted by resolution of the board. (Ord. 2015-01, 2-9-2015)