2-2-2: DUTIES:
   A.    Serve In Advisory Capacity: The committee is established to serve in an advisory capacity to the board on matters relating to the establishment and maintenance of parking and loading areas on public and private property and on the expenditure of monies deposited in the county snowmobile fund.
   B.    Meetings With Board: The committee shall meet with the board as necessary to make recommendations regarding the expenditure of funds, but shall meet with the board at least once each year during the second quarter of the fiscal year.
   C.    Coordination With National Resources Committee: In addition to its advising and reporting duties to the board, the committee shall also coordinate its activities and recommendations with the Owyhee County natural resources committee in order to provide for consistency and continuity of snowmobile plans with the plans and actions of the natural resources committee. (Ord. 04-01, 2-2-2004)