The commission shall be advisory to the board and shall be authorized to:
   A.    Conduct A Survey: Conduct a survey of local historic properties.
   B.    Recommend Acquisition: Recommend the acquisition of fee and lesser interests in historic properties, including adjacent or associated lands, by purchase, bequest, or donation.
   C.    Recommend Methods And Procedures: Recommend methods and procedures necessary to preserve, restore, maintain and operate historic properties under the ownership or control of the county.
   D.    Recommend Lease, Sale, Other Transfer Or Disposition: Recommend the lease, sale, other transfer or disposition of historic properties subject to rights of public access and other covenants and in a manner that will preserve the property.
   E.    Enter Into Contracts: Contract, with the approval of the commissioners, with the state or federal government, or any agency of either, or with any other organization.
   F.    Cooperate With Federal, State And Local Governments: Cooperate with the federal, state, and local governments in the pursuance of the objectives of historic preservation.
   G.    Make Recommendations In Planning Processes: Make recommendations in the planning processes undertaken by the county, the city, the state, or the federal government and agencies of these entities.
   H.    Recommend Ordinances; Provide Information: Recommend ordinances and otherwise provide information for the purposes of historic preservation in the county.
   I.    Promote And Conduct An Educational And Interpretative Program: Promote and conduct an educational and interpretive program on historic preservation and historic properties in the county.
   J.    Right Of Entry; Consent Required: Commission members, employees or agents of the commission may enter private property, buildings, or structures in the performance of their official duties only with the express consent of the owner or occupant thereof.
   K.    Review Property Nominations: Review nominations of properties to the national register of historic places for properties within the county's jurisdiction. (Ord. 87-01, 1-12-1987)