A.    Rules Of Procedure And Bylaws: The commission shall have the power to make whatever rules are necessary for the execution of its duties as set forth in this chapter. Rules of procedure and bylaws adopted by the commission shall be available for public inspection.
   B.    Officers: The commission shall elect officers from among the commission members. The chairman shall preside at meetings of the commission. The vice chairman shall, in the absence of the chairman, perform the duties of the chairman.
   C.    Meetings; Written Records: All meetings of the commission shall be open to the public, and follow the requirements of Idaho's open meeting laws. The commission shall keep minutes and other appropriate written records of its resolutions, proceedings, and actions.
   D.    Technical Experts: The commission may recommend to the board of commissioners, within the limits of its funding, the employment of or the contracting with other parties for the services of technical experts or other persons as it deems necessary to carry on the functions of the commission. (Ord. 87-01, 1-12-1987)