A.    Purpose: Pursuant to Idaho Code section 31-710, meetings, the regular meetings of the board of commissioners must be held at their respective county seats on the second Monday of each month of the year, or if the board determines that county affairs require regular meetings more often, then at such times as may be provided for in advance by ordinance, and must continue from time to time until all the business before them has been addressed. Such other meetings must be held, to canvass elections, returns, equalize taxation, and for other purposes as are prescribed by law or provided by the board.
   B.    Monday As The Official Regular Meeting Day: As contemplated by the above referenced statute, the Owyhee County board of commissioners does find that the affairs of Owyhee County require that regular meetings of the board be held more often than once per month, and that the best interests of the county require that the board generally meet each Monday, except as otherwise provided herein and on other days, if necessary, for special meetings and purposes as may be provided by the board upon advanced notice. (Ord. 11-01, 1-24-2011)
   C.    Time Of Meetings: Each regular meeting of the board of county commissioners shall commence at nine o'clock (9:00) A.M. Mountain Time, unless the time for any meeting is changed by unanimous resolution of the board. Such change of time shall be made at least five (5) days prior to the scheduled meeting and notice of the change of time shall be posted in five (5) conspicuous places in the county including at the courthouse door in Murphy, Idaho. (Ord. 01-04, 11-13-2001; amd. Ord. 09-01, 2-23-2009, eff. 4-7-2009)
   D.    Meeting Location: As contemplated by the above referenced statute the meetings of the Owyhee County board of commissioners are to be held at the county seat being the Owyhee County Courthouse, Murphy, Idaho. The regular place of meeting at such county seat location shall be courtroom no. 2, of the Owyhee County Courthouse; except in the event of the special circumstance, or courtroom unavailability, then in such event, in another room of a county building, or other site.
   E.    Exemptions: The Owyhee County board of commissioners shall not meet to undertake official county business if:
      1.    The given Monday falls on a legal holiday as contemplated and articulated by Idaho Code section 73-108;
      2.    The given Monday falls on the fifth week of the month;
      3.    Two (2) of the three (3) commissioners are unavailable for meeting to constitute a quorum, as contemplated by Idaho Code sections 31-701 and 31-707. (Ord. 11-01, 1-24-2011)