The permittee shall allow the Wastewater Superintendent, or an authorized representative, upon the presentation of credentials and other documents as may be required by law, to:
   (A)   Enter upon the permittee’s premises where a regulated facility or activity is located or conducted, or where records must be kept under the conditions of this chapter;
   (B)   Have access to and copy, at reasonable times, any records that must be kept under the conditions of this chapter;
   (C)   Inspect at reasonable times any facilities, equipment (including monitoring and control equipment), practices, or operations regulated or required under this chapter;
   (D)   Sample or monitor, for the purposes of assuring permit compliance, any substances or parameters at any locations; and
   (E)   Inspect any production, manufacturing, fabricating, or storage area where pollutants, regulated under the permit, could originate, be stored, or be discharged to the sewer system.
(Ord. 2010-2, passed 4-20-2010)