The Wastewater Superintendent shall provide public notice of the issuance of a wastewater discharge permit. Any person, including the user, may petition the Wastewater Superintendent to reconsider the terms of a wastewater discharge permit within 15 days of notice of its issuance.
   (A)   Failure to submit a timely petition for review shall be deemed to be a waiver of the administrative appeal.
   (B)   In its petition, the appealing party must indicate the wastewater discharge permit provisions objected to, the reasons for this objection, and the alternative condition, if any, it seeks to place in the wastewater discharge permit.
   (C)   The effectiveness of the wastewater discharge permit shall not be stayed pending the appeal.
   (D)   If the Wastewater Superintendent fails to act within 30 days, a request for reconsideration shall be deemed to be denied. Decisions not to reconsider a wastewater discharge permit, not to issue a wastewater discharge permit, or not to modify a wastewater discharge permit shall be considered final administrative actions for purposes of judicial review.
   (E)   Aggrieved parties seeking judicial review of the final administrative wastewater discharge permit decision must do so by filing a complaint with the County Court within 30 days.
(Ord. 2010-2, passed 4-20-2010)