(a)   A person seeking approval to operate a business that offers tattooing or body piercing services shall apply to the Board of Health on forms the Board shall prescribe and provide.  The applicant shall submit all information the Board of Health determines is necessary to process the application.  The application shall include the fee established under Ohio R.C. 3709.09 with the application.
   (b)   The Board of Health shall deposit all fees collected under this section into the health fund of the district that the Board serves.  The fees shall be used solely for the purposes of implementing and enforcing this chapter.
   (c)   To receive approval to offer tattooing or body piercing services, a business must demonstrate to the Board of Health the ability to meet the requirements established by this chapter and the rules adopted under Ohio R.C. 3730.10 for safe performance of the tattooing or body piercing procedures, training of the individuals who perform the procedures and maintenance of records.
   (d)   If the Board of Health determines, following an inspection conducted under Section 860.04, that a business meets the requirements for approval, it shall approve the business.  Approval remains valid for one year unless earlier suspended or revoked under Section 860.05.  Approval of a business may be renewed.  Approval is not transferable.
(ORC 3730.03)