(a)   One miniature potbellied pig may be kept in a residential structure and not more than two miniature potbellied pigs may be kept in a multi-unit residential structure provided that:
      (1)   A miniature potbellied pig is defined as one which meets the requirements of and is registered with the Potbelly Pig Registry Service, Inc. of Lakeville, Indiana and/or the International Potbelly Pig Registry Service of Pescadero, California;
      (2)   Each miniature potbellied pig shall be a pet, that is to be kept for personal enjoyment and not kept or raised for human consumption;
      (3)   The maximum weight of a miniature potbellied pig shall not exceed sixty-five pounds.  If the weight exceeds sixty-five pounds, the miniature potbellied pig shall be removed from the City;
      (4)   Miniature potbellied pigs shall not be bred within the City;
      (5)   Miniature potbellied pigs must be spayed or neutered if three months or older;
      (6)   If a miniature potbellied pig is taken off its owner's property, it shall be on a secure leash that is not more than six feet in length which is held in the hand of a person who is of suitable age and discretion;
      (7)   Waste from miniature potbellied pigs shall be removed in an appropriate manner to prevent health and odor problems;
      (8)   Miniature potbellied pigs shall reside in the residence of the owner as a house pet and shall not be kept in an outside pen; and
      (9)   If a miniature potbellied pig becomes a nuisance, disturbs the tranquility of the surrounding neighborhood, or becomes a health problem, the Safety Service Director and/or the Health Department shall have the authority to order and have the miniature potbellied pig removed from the City;
      (10)   Any person found guilty of violating the provisions of this section shall pay all expenses, including shelter, food and veterinary expenses necessitated by the seizure of any miniature potbellied pig.
   (b)   Whoever violates this section is guilty of a minor misdemeanor.  Each day that this section is violated constitutes a separate offense.
(Ord. 69-92.  Passed 11-2-92.)