(a)   No person shall overwork, overdrive, overload or torture an animal; deprive one of necessary sustenance; unnecessarily or cruelly beat; needlessly mutilate or kill; or impound or confine an animal without supplying it during such confinement with a sufficient quantity of good wholesome food and water.  No person shall carry or convey an animal in a cruel or inhuman manner; keep animals in an enclosure without wholesome exercise and change of air; feed animals food that is adulterated or unwholesome; or work or abandon to die an old maimed, sick, infirm or diseased animal.
(ORC 959.13)
   (b)   Whoever violates this section is guilty of a misdemeanor of the second degree.
(ORC 959.99(D); Ord. 94-83.  Passed 1-16-84.)