(a)   Office Established.  The position of Animal Warden is established within the Department of Public Safety of the City.
   (b)   Appointment.  The Animal Warden shall be appointed by the Director of Public Safety and Service, in the unclassified service, and shall be employed at such compensation as Council shall appropriate and shall be responsible to the Director for the manner in which he shall perform his duties.
   (c)   Bond.  The Animal Warden shall give bond in the sum of one thousand dollars ($1,000) conditioned for the faithful performance of his duties.  Such bond shall be at the expense of the City.
   (d)   The Animal Warden shall be commissioned a special policeman by the Director.  He shall receive no additional compensation for his duties as such.  He shall not be on a classified list of the Division of Police, nor eligible for participation in the Police Pension Fund.  He shall have all the powers and exercise the duties provided by law for police officers in enforcing the ordinances relating or applicable to dogs and other animals under this chapter, except the Animal Warden shall have no authority to make arrests.
   (e)   Citation as Lawful Complaint.  In the exercise of his duties the Animal Warden is hereby authorized to issue, on a form provided by the City, a citation to any person found by him to be in violation of this chapter, containing a notice to answer the charge against him in Wayne County Municipal Court, at least five days after the alleged violation.  He shall cause the original of such notice to be filed with the court and a second duplicate copy to be filed with the records section of the Police Department.  The citation shall include pertinent information and shall be sworn to as required by the general laws of the State in respect to a complaint charging commission of the offense alleged in such citation to have been committed.
(Ord. 94-83.  Passed 1-16-84.)