939.07  VEHICLES.
   (a)    Motor vehicles shall be permitted only in established parking areas.  Motor vehicles must use marked and designated parking spaces where established.  No person shall operate a motor vehicle on any area of a park except a gravel or macadam roadway or parking area.
   (b)    No person shall drive or park any vehicle over a park’s grassy areas, walkways, paths, or any other area not established for vehicles.
   (c)    No person shall park or leave a vehicle in a park after the established closing hours of the park.
   (d)    No person shall operate a vehicle in a park at a speed in excess of fifteen m.p.h. or in such a manner as to endanger the operator or any other person or any property.
   (e)    Emergency vehicles and park maintenance equipment are excluded from these prohibitions.
   (f)    Any such vehicle parked or stopped in violation hereof may be removed or towed away upon order of the Park Manager, his designee, or any police officer in addition to being subjected to a parking fine. 
(Ord. 13-97.  Passed 3-17-97.)