(a)   Disorderly Conduct.  No person shall conduct himself, by word or by act, in a riotous, disorderly, boisterous or other manner so as to disturb the peace and good order of a park. (See Section 509.03)
   (b)    Noise.  No person(s) shall disturb the good order and quiet of a park by creating or causing unnecessary and/or unreasonable clamor or noise by the use of loud speakers, “boom boxes,” radios, the playing of recorded music, the use of sound systems or any other means at a level and/or volume which interferes or may interfere with the enjoyment of others within or near the immediate area.  Properly sponsored public functions are excluded from this provisions.  (See Section 509.03)
   (c)    Profane Language.  No person shall use insulting, abusive, threatening, profane or indecent language in a park.
   (d)   Breach of Peace.  No person shall congregate with others within any park, recreation areas, or facilities with intent to provoke a breach of the peace; or act in such a manner so as to provoke a breach of the peace; or whereby a breach of the peace may be occasioned by the serious annoyance to park patrons or the general public or by threatening, insulting or abusive conduct toward them; and refuse to move on when ordered by a police officer or park employee.  (see Section 509.10
(Ord. 13-97.  Passed 3-17-97.)