The following words and phrases when used in this Chapter except as otherwise provided, shall have the meanings respectively ascribed to them in this Chapter.
   (a)   “Park” means any land or water area owned, leased or otherwise controlled by the City of Orrville for purposes of recreational use.
   (b)    “Park Manager” shall mean the Superintendent of the Streets, Parks, and Cemetery Department or his designee.
   (c)    “Police officer” shall mean a police officer of the City of Orrville, and every other law enforcement officer of the State of Ohio or of any political subdivision thereof, including, but not limited to State Highway patrolmen, sheriffs, deputy sheriffs, and Division of Wildlife game protectors.
   (d)    “Person” shall mean any individual, company, partnership, corporation, or association, or any combination of individuals, or any employee, agent or officer thereof.
   (e)    “Vehicle” shall mean everything on wheels,  including but not limited to, motor vehicles, bicycles, skate boards, and any other means of propulsion whether mechanical or human powered.  Vehicles does not include wheelchairs or motorized carts used by the physically handicapped, and does not include strollers or wagons. 
(Ord. 13-97.  Passed 3-17-97.)