The rates for the use of the facilities at Orrville City parks for 2009 and after shall be charged as follows:
(a)   Facilities.
(1)   Single Pavilion
$20.00 resident
30.00 non-resident
(2)   Gailey Park Pavilion
30.00 resident
45.00 non-resident
(3)   Double Pavilions
40.00 resident
60.00 non-resident
(4)   Schmid Hall
80.00 resident
120.00 non-resident
(5)   Heller Hall
50.00 resident
75.00 non-resident
(6)   Rehm Gazebo
60.00 resident
90.00 non-resident
(b)   Orr Park Pool Rate.
$3.00 per day/child
4.00 per day/adult
80.00 resident family pass
120.00 non-resident family pass
40.00 resident single pass*
60.00 non-resident single pass*
*Senior citizens with a Golden Buckeye
card pay one-half of the cost of a pass.
   (c)   Resident rates shall apply to residents of the City and shall also apply to those who have a member of the immediate family (mother, father, and their minor children, either natural born or adopted) working in the City.  (Ord. O-20-08.  Passed 10-20-08.)