(a)   All components comprising such a device must be maintained by the owner in good repair to assure reliability of operation.
   (b)   Each alarm equipment supplier that sells or leases to a person an automatic protection device, which is installed on such person’s premise in the City, shall furnish that person with instructions as to the way the device operates, along with maintenance instructions.
   (c)   Each alarm equipment supplier that installs an alarm system shall be required to register with the Police Department and provide such information concerning the business and operation as deemed necessary by the Police Department.
   (d)   The Chief of Police or Fire Chief or any designated officer, shall have the authority, at reasonable times and upon oral notice, to enter any premises within the City to inspect the installation and operation of an automatic protection device or signaling device, the purpose of which is to report an emergency to the Safety Forces.
   (e)   All equipment, the use or installation of which is subject to this chapter, shall be maintained in good operating condition. The Police Chief, Fire Chief, or his representative may require that repairs be made whenever he has determined that such are necessary to assure proper operation.
(Ord. 21-97. Passed 11-5-97.)