A.   Public Hearing: The commission, prior to recommending an amendment or the repeal of the comprehensive plan to the council, shall conduct at least one public hearing in which interested persons shall have an opportunity to be heard. At least fifteen (15) days prior to the hearing, notice of the time and place and a summary of the amendments or repeal to be discussed shall be published in the official newspaper or paper of general circulation within the city and the impact area. The commission shall also make available a notice to other papers, radio and television stations serving the City and impact area for use as a public service announcement. Following the commission hearing, if the commission makes a material change in the Comprehensive Plan, further notice and hearings shall be provided before the commission forwards the plan, amendment, or repeal with its recommendation to the Council. (Ord. 787, 3-8-2016)
   B.   Recommendations From Commission: The Council, prior to amendment or repeal of the Comprehensive Plan, may conduct at least one public hearing using the same notice and hearing procedures as the commission. The Council shall not hold a public hearing, give notice of a proposed hearing, nor take action upon the plan, amendments, or repeal until the recommendations have been received from the commission. (Ord. 797, 2-13-2018)
   C.   Further Notice And Hearing: Following the hearing by the Council, if the Council makes a material change in the Comprehensive Plan, further notice and hearing shall be provided before the Council adopts the change. (Ord. 787, 3-8-2016)
   D.   Adoption By Resolution: No plan, amendment, or repeal shall be effective unless adopted by resolution by the Council. (Ord. 797, 2-13-2018)
   E.   Petition For Amendment: Any person may petition the commission for an amendment to the Comprehensive Plan at any time. The commission may recommend amendments to the Comprehensive Plan to the Council to correct errors in the original Comprehensive Plan or to recognize substantial changes in the actual conditions in the area. The commission may recommend to Council at any time amendments to other ordinances authorized by this chapter and by section 67-6509, Idaho Code. (Ord. 787, 3-8-2016)