A.   Mobile carts, mobile trailers and mobile vehicles are restricted from permanently setting up business within the city. In order to secure a business license they must be associated with a special event approved by the city. The business license is valid for the calendar year but only during special events authorized by city officials.
   B.   No yard sales shall display or advertise (except in newspapers) any items for sell, trade, barter, exchange or display for more than four (4) consecutive days. Yard sales are limited to two (2) nonconsecutive yard sale events per month. At the conclusion of every yard sale event all items associated with the yard sale shall be removed from sight.
   C.   All advertisement associated with a yard sale shall be removed the day of conclusion of any yard sale. It shall be forbidden to place any yard sale advertisement or information regarding yard sales on any utility poles, street signs or public buildings. Signs placed on private property shall have the permission of the property owner. (Ord. 784, 5-12-2015)