Every tenant of a Rental Unit shall keep in a clean and sanitary condition that portion of the premises, both interior and exterior, that the tenant occupies uses, shares or controls.  Every tenant shall insure that his/her trash, garbage and other refuse is stored and disposed of in a clean and sanitary manner.
   1   No tenant either by negligence or abuse shall create or contribute to the creation of any violation of this Code.
   2   No tenant shall create or permit to be created by others any noise, smoke, vibration, fumes, vapor, glare, odor or dust within that portion of the premises that the tenant occupies, uses or controls which interferes with the reasonable use and enjoyment of other Rental Residential Units on a Rental Residential Property or of nearby properties.
   3   No tenant shall store flammable or hazardous materials or devices in such quantities or in such a manner as to create a fire, health, or other hazard to the premises or other persons.
   4   Vehicles are to be parked or driven on improved parking areas or driveways only without blocking public access to sidewalks or roadways.
   5.   In a common area, patio, balcony, hallway, stairwell, or in any living areas, a person shall not store or accumulate a motorcycle, moped, gasoline powered lawnmower, or other similar equipment which may contain a hazardous material including, without limitation, gasoline.  These areas may not be used as storage areas.
   6.   Accumulate and store building materials, lumber, boxes, cartons, scrap metal, machinery, junk, flammable or hazardous materials, excessive clothing, furniture, supplies, large amount of packed containers or devices in such quantities or in such a manner as to create a fire, health or other hazard to the premises or persons residing therein. (Amd. Ord. 5486, 3-2-20)
(Entire Section Ord. 4448, 1-19-09; Amd. Ord. 4959, 1-9-15)